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About Us
Wuyi Weisenke Power Technology Co., Ltd

1、Brief introduction of enterprise basic information

 Wuyi Weisenke Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyi Science and Technology City: an innovative science and technology industry company, with the development and production of large-displacement high-end high-performance multi-cylinder motorcycle, four-wheeler engine as the leading industry; The company has experienced R & D technical teamã€?/span>

The company's large-displacement high-end, high-performance multi-cylinder engine project leader Wang Yuansheng (general manager) since 1999 has been engaged in motorcycle and engine research and development and manufacturing; And has a number of individual patents�/span>

2、Specializing in new product (technology) introductionï¼?/strong>

The developed models are VSKE367, VSKE520, (VSKE800 is under development) the first use of hydraulic clutch technology, to fill the blank of domestic large displacement motorcycle engine, will change the domestic existing large displacement locomotive pattern. The  VSKE367, VSKE520, engine has been put into production,VSKE800 is under developmentã€?/span>

3、main performance

1.Combustion�/span>Intake system and combustion system design, improve combustion efficiency, improve engine power, reduce exhaust emissions�/span>

2.Balancing shaft deviceï¼?/span>Balanced the engine vibration in each direction, to achieve low noise and smooth operation of the engine to improve comfortï¼?/span>

3.Compact engine construction�/span>Under the condition of ensuring the strength of the parts, the weight of the engine is reduced as far as possible. The compact structure design effectively controls the overall size of the engine, making the overall appearance more concise�/span>

4、market objectives

To export to the United States, Australia and other countries, combined with domestic (Jiajue, Geely, Jincheng, Tairong Automobile Industry, Innovation, Noma locomotive) and other companies�/span>

5、company philosophy

    Manufacture domestic high-endã€?/span>High-performance multi-cylinder motorcycle, four-wheeled engine, to create China's own brandã€?/span>